The Moon and Me…

Last night, Lance and I threw the balls and frisbee for the dogs instead of talking them for their evening walk. It was late, had been a long day despite not having any cleans, and this way they could still get some exercise. When we were all headed back in, I turned to close the gate to the yard and was greeted by the moon. I wanted that picture.

I set the camera to the low light setting, hoping it would be enough. It wasn’t quite dark, yet, there is no night time shooting option on my camera, and I do not possess a tripod. Here are the results:

the moon

First shot, held really really still. Nope.


Leaned my arms against a post to try to steady the camera better. That wasn’t it.


tried a different position. getting a little frustrated now.


Tried a different method of trying to support the camera. This didn’t work.


There is a stump in the yard the has an uneven cut…almost it


Shifted the camera a little on the stump, held my breath…got it.

Patience and opening my mind to possilbe make-shift tripods around me. Professional quality photo? No, but I’m happy with it and that is the most important thing. 🙂



Feedback is always appreciated!!!

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