A Trip to the Field of Serenity…

I headed to the Field of Serenity yesterday morning to attempt to get some sunrise photos and, hopefully, a couple of the coyotes Lance and the dogs have been seeing.

The start of sunrise

The start of sunrise

Enzo came and greeted me first. He was excited to see me since it has been a really long time since I’ve gone to the Field.

Happy Enzo

Happy Enzo

The coyotes were nowhere to be seen. That’s ok. I think it would have been too dark for me to get a shot of them, anyway. Well, at least without a tripod. So, I started taking photos of the sunrise, trying different speeds and settings.

DSC01818 DSC01819 DSC01821

The colors were so great. I wish I were a better photographer so I could understand which setting would work to capture the colors.

Would have been great...if it wasn't so blurry

Would have been great…if it wasn’t so blurry

The photo above captured some of the actual color, but the blur… Tripod?



Feedback is always appreciated!!!

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